Disha Sahu

Production and Design Associate

Disha Sahu is the Production and Design Associate at The Goodman Corporation. She is responsible for creating a distinctive look and feel of TGC’s advance planning reports, technical memorandums, public engagement materials, and clients/public-facing documents. She is also the lead associate in charge of writing and compiling RFPs and RFQs. Disha is an important part of the GIS and planning teams, contributing her knowledge of land-use and design to transportation and urban studies. Her core strength is to synthesize cartography, urban design drawings, and data analytics all symbiotically. This results in functional, aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-understand planning documents for all of TGC’s products.  

Ms. Sahu holds a Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Sciences in Community and Regional Planning. Prior to joining TGC, she worked with governmental planning agencies in San Francisco and the Washington D.C area in the realm of active transportation and transit planning. She is very skilled in creating original free-hand and computer-drawn graphics to communicate complex messages in an engaging way. 

In her free time, Disha likes to sketch, read, travel and sell her freelance artisan-design portfolio of indie jewelry, artisan objects, and on-the-spot watercolors.

Master of Sciences in Community and Regional Planning, The University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Architecture, Indraprastha University

American Planning Association (APA), Member
Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS), Member

Data visualization
Urban Design
Graphic Design

Ph: (713) 951-7951 ext.75